​We will be celebrating our Center's New Year this year 2016 on December 29th.  Welcome guest and family.

Xyoo no peb yuav npaj noj Tsiab rau hauv koo haum no rau hnub tim 29, lub 12 hli ntuj no.  Zoo siab caw cov lau nyob ze thiab tsev neeg tuaj koom kev lom zem.         

We are proud to serve the community for the last 12 years.

Our events

Metro Senior Center  -   Tsev Laus Tshav Ntuj



The Center is a community-base organization that provides adult day service to Hmong, Laos, and Thai communities in Metro Areas. We strive to offer the best service by creating healthy environment and partners with many community health services to keep our participant healthy, active, and safe.

Welcome to Metro Senior Center -Tsev Laus Tshav Ntuj. We put your family’s health and well being first.  Working with the community to improve our senior's way of living is our primary objective..." live happy and fulfill every minutes of life". We invite you to join us and welcome opportunity to tour our facility at your convenience.